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Ever wondered how great it would be if you knew how to make cappuccino on your own? A good cup of coffee provides a completely delightful experience for most people and there are perhaps few coffees as delicious as a steaming frothy cappuccino.

The origin of cappuccino is quite interesting and its recipe was conceived in good old Italian. ‘Cappuccino’ the term has been derived from the acute resemblance that its color bears to the color of the robes worn by the monks of the hallowed Capuchin order.

Just imagine a big volume of frothed and steamy milk perfectly existing with an equal amount of espresso, while the milk stays on top. Droolsome isn’t it? Well, that is precisely the way a proper cup of cappuccino should be. You can then add any type of toppings on it to make it even more enjoyable. You can add everything from choco powder to nutmeg to cinnamon or anything that you feel would make your drink delicious. So basically, cappuccino includes a major portion of foam and therefore it is lighter as well as less filling than other types of coffees.

The start of a better day? Good Espresso!

A good espresso is absolutely necessary in order for you to enjoy a great cup of cappuccino. The procedure of getting a good espresso involves grinding of the beans and pressing the espresso while using a high pressure machine. You can also use a stove top model to do the same. Remember not to make an excess at once, and the cream should be visible and should be on top as the golden brown foam. You can use an espresso cup to keep the temperature under control.

Cappuccino and Latte- Same family different cousins

A Latte is also basically made up of half milk and half amount of espresso. However there remains a difference, in order to make a latte you have to take the espresso and the milk and then pour the milk right down the side of the cup. You also have to mix the milk with the espresso as well.

Developing a froth

The frothed milk is a very necessary ingredient for both cappuccinos and lattes. You can use a French press for a foamer. You need to heat a cup of non-fat milk either in a stove or microwave and then pour it into a plunger pot that has been previously rinsed. After pumping the plunger into the pot, the milk would automatically expand three to four times its volume and voila! You have your delicious froth.

Cappuccino Maker- a must for a coffee maniac

Addicted to coffee? Then it might be time for you to get your very own cappuccino maker. The counter top model variety can steam milk for both the latte and the cappuccino. If you have guests coming over to your place quite often and they absolutely thirst for coffee or you yourself are a self appointed coffee addict, then it is suggested that you should get a cappuccino machine that makes lot of cups at one time.

Conclusion ( Like all good things!)

A cup of cappuccino was once clubbed under a luxury item. However, things have changed and presently, several equipments such as cappuccino makers, grinders, espresso makers and many others, are used in many homes. When you have your own equipment, it helps a lot and saves a lot of your money.

Secondly, the cappuccino maker allows you to make some cappuccino anytime your heart desires a cup full of steamy and frothy coffee. You need not be at the mercy of the coffee sellers neither would you have to step outside. Go to your very own kitchen and prepare a cup and indulge in some ‘frothy’ delight. A machine is very important if you want to have some real classy cappuccino as it is not always the best ingredients, it is also the machine that makes a cappuccino a ‘cappuccino’.

So now that you know how to make cappuccino without stepping out of your house; all that’s left for you to do is amble over to your kitchen and make that perfect cup and enjoy the frothy goodness that is a cappuccino!

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