Your Own Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is Like Having a Barista in the Kitchen

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Do you stop into a Starbucks or your local neighborhood coffee bar at least once per day to buy your favorite coffee drink? If you do then you should really be thinking about getting yourself your very own espresso and cappuccino maker. Then you can make your own coffee drinks, at home, for a fraction of the cost that you pay at Starbucks, and you can make them whenever you feel like it. Like when you first get up in the morning. Or on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Lots of people see the big commercial espresso and cappuccino makers sitting behind the counter at Starbucks and think that’s what they need if they want to make espresso drinks at home. And they think that making these fancy coffee drinks is complicated as they watch the barista behind the counter churning out lattes and cappuccinos. And this leads them to mistakenly believe that the only place they can get these types of specialty coffees is in a coffee shop or Starbucks.

Not true! In fact, making great specialty coffee drinks at home has never been easier. You don’t have to pay $5 or more for a good coffee drink like a cappuccino or a latte. All it takes is a good quality, well made automatic espresso and cappuccino maker. Today’s espresso machines are high-tech wonders. They do practically everything for you. And yes, they can make a latte, a cappuccino, or just a shot of espresso every bit as good as you will find at Starbucks.

Making a rich and delicious latte or cappuccino at home using one of today’s great looking, stainless steel espresso makers is as easy as pushing a button. Once you have done some simple preliminary setting up and programming, all you have to do is make sure that the built-in bean hopper is full of beans, and that you have water in the machine’s reservoir. Press a button and the machine does the rest. They even grind the beans to the perfect consistency, and after you’ve brewed a shot of espresso the machine will automatically move the used grounds into a dump box. It’s like having your own barista sitting on your counter top – but you don’t have to tip her!

A perennial favorite and top selling espresso and cappuccino maker is the Platinum Vision model from the Italian manufacturer Gaggia S.p.A. located in Milan Italy. The Italians are respected as makers of some of the best espresso machines in the world. They did invent espresso after all! The Platinum Vision is remarkably well designed and engineered, just like the Italian sports car Ferrari. The Gaggia Platinum Vision espresso machine is built by Italian craftsmen and craftswomen, who themselves are espresso and cappuccino lovers.

As you would expect, this espresso and cappuccino maker delivers consistently flawless and delicious espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos. They are every bit as delicious as they make them in Italy, which is a lot better than you’ll ever get at Starbucks.

Save your money, and spare yourself the hassle of waiting in line for your daily coffee. Imagine serving perfect cappuccinos to your guests after dinner. They’ll be impressed – and jealous! You’ll never regret it if you spoil yourself a little by getting your own espresso and cappuccino maker.

A good coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures, so enjoy lots of lattes and cappuccinos (and save lots of money) with your own espresso and cappuccino maker. If you want to read more click on this link: the world’s best espresso and cappuccino maker []. If you love coffee like I do then you really should splurge a little bit on yourself–you deserve it after all.

I’ve looked all over the web and shopped on multiple web sites, and I’ll share with you the best price I’ve found on this amazing machine at the end of the website article.

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