Cappuccino Makers – Four Important Things to Know Before Buying

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The cappuccino maker is also known as a cappuccino machine or an espresso machine or any of the other dozens of names people have created for it. Personally, I like calling them cappuccino makers just because I’ve always called them that. In the past I worked in a café for 3 years so I know a lot about what’s important when buying one of these units. So this post is to help educate you if your planning on getting your hands on one. Here are four basic points to go shopping with.

Your going to want it to be easy to use. This is important. You don’t want to drop a wad of money down on a pain in the neck cappuccino maker that frustrates the heck out of you every time you want a cup of coffee. You don’t have time to get a degree in using one of your kitchen appliances so those cappuccino makers usually end up gathering dust while your in line at the local café. If you buy at a department store ask questions on use, or you can read reviews online.

You also want your cappuccino maker to be easy to clean and maintain. Sounds simple enough but if your not used to using them, the steamer wand can cause quite a mess while your in the midst of honing your skills. Cappuccino makers with nice smooth housings like stainless steel are a quick clean up.

Another thing is that you do not want to end up with a piece of junk. Trust me, there’s some out there. I’m not here to point out the bad guys though, just some of the good ones. What to look for is a machine that brews a nice shot of espresso and a steamer wand that makes good milk foam and doesn’t take all morning to heat up the milk. If you see a price that’s too good to be true, price might be the only good thing about it. I am open-minded though, so if you’re convinced you got the best price and cappuccino maker and everything then let me know and I’ll check it out and do my homework.

Lastly, it should look good. There are a lot of styles to choose from so try looking for one you really like and you know would go great with your kitchen. Size is kind of important too and if you have little kitchen you might not want to buy a mega big cappuccino maker that takes up all your counter space.

There you go fellow coffee lovers, four simple things to help you make a smart purchase!



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